Making Easy Gluten Free Desserts That Taste Delicious

Making Easy Gluten Free Desserts That Taste Delicious

Gluten can be really bad for you if you’re gluten intolerant. Gluten protein can be a cause of several intestinal and other diseases in many people. It can also be a source of allergies for some. So what do you do if you find yourself to be gluten intolerant? Do you stop eating all your favorite foods, especially those tasty desserts that you’re so fond of? Can you, in fact, eat any desserts without feeling guilty about it?

No, you don’t need to give up your preferred desserts. And yes, you can eat some really tasty desserts without feeling guilty about it. Just log on to to discover how you can have your cake and remain well too!

Not just a recipe book

Kelley Herring’s ‘Gluten-Free Desserts‘, costing less than the price of just one of those desserts, is definitely not a recipe book. It’s much more than that. It’s a holistic health package designed to address your gluten intolerance, and to help you live the life you deserve – an age-defying, disease-free life, while continuing to enjoy the foods you love.  And the best part of it is that the package comes with two other books – ‘Copycat Girl Scout Cookies’ and ‘Awesome Appetizers.’

Conveniently packaged

The ‘Guilt-Free Desserts’, along with the other two copies, is available in a convenient PDF format. So you don’t have to wait endlessly for their delivery. You can download your copies right away, with a 60-day money-back guarantee – no questions asked. All you need to do is to browse, print and bake. The step-by-step recipes make them absolutely a breeze to follow. Interestingly written with exciting images to keep you going, they’ll transform your gluten-free life into a fulfilling and satisfying one.

What’s on the platter?

Wondering what really is on your platter with the ‘Guilt-Free Desserts’? Loads and loads. No, we’re not talking of loads of gluten, or loads of fat and carbohydrates for that matter. We’re talking of loads of scrumptious desserts that you can easily whip, virtually with the back of your hand, without hassle or stress. We’re talking of desserts that don’t kill with their high-fat and high-gluten content.

What is on the platter are a host of delectable desserts – from fat-burning cookies (yes, you heard that right) to moist vanilla cupcakes with chocolate butter cream, warm pumpkin pie, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, fresh brownies, and more. The ‘Guilt-Free Desserts’ promises to put desserts back on your menu – free of all guilt!

Packed with nutrition

What makes the ‘Guilt-Free Desserts‘ really a steal deal is that the recipes it offers are not just packed with taste but are also high on nutrition. They provide the nutrients needed by your body to promote health and protect itself against disease. These are sustainable recipes designed for weight loss and good health. The recipes have been evolved through years of research and experience by Kelley, the founder and CEO of Healing Gourmet.

The world’s healthiest desserts, as Kelly calls them, have a scientific basis to them. They’re made using metabolic power ingredients. The recipes, which include your favorite brownies, pumpkin pie, carrot cake, custards, ice creams, cookies, macaroons, soufflés etc., are scientifically made by first eliminating all the unnatural and refined ingredients. Anything that can spike your blood sugar or cause it to store fat has also been junked. Thereafter, these items have been substituted with proteins, fiber and healthy fat. What’s amazing is that the substitute ingredients chosen are not only affordable but easily available in your kitchen.

Guilt-Free Desserts’ health secrets

The substitute ingredients, as mentioned, are packed with nutrients. That’s because these aren’t fake ingredients but functional ones that retain the natural benefits of the sugars and flours that generally go into the preparation or baking of desserts. For instance, the sweet synergy of a dessert is retained through a combination of natural ingredients that’s almost a perfect match for the taste and sweetness of sugar, minus the calories or the effect on insulin. The flour used is healthy too, despite being gluten-free. So you end up savoring desserts that are fat-burning and low on gluten.

There’s of course much more to these gluten-free desserts from Kelley’s kitchen than sweeteners and flours. With this e-book, you’ll discover all about the amazing fiber which adds a `cotton-candy’ sweetness and creamy feel to desserts, the organic sweetener loved by chefs and dessert lovers alike, and much more. You’ll find out what to avoid and what to eat without ruining your digestive system and your body.

Endorsed by testimonials

If you’re still not convinced, you can check out the positive testimonials of thousands of people whose health has been dramatically improved with Kelley’s ‘Guilt-Free Desserts’. These people have also reached their optimal weight simply by following an all-natural and low-glycemic diet. The testimonials that the e-book contains are just a few endorsements of the success of this diet. The impact of these recipes on the health of those striving for a gluten-free diet goes way beyond what you can visualize by reading through these testimonials.


The recipes contained in ‘Guilt-Free Desserts‘ are not merely about nutrition or lack of it. They come with a host of other beneficial features, such as time-saving tips, nutritional information and estimated preparation time. A lot of it is the chef’s secrets, which very few experts dare to share. But Kelley has no qualms or fears about revealing the best secrets to help you.  So all you need to do is just click on the e-book, download your copy and start enjoying your special desserts.

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